Guitar Making in Nineteenth Century London

In December 2021, I met with Dr. James Westbrook to discuss his newest book, “Guitar Making in Nineteenth Century London,” scheduled for publication in early 2023. We met at the back of the San Anselmo Inn in San Anselmo. California and were joined by Richard Savino, John Mello, Randy Osborne, Steve Stein, and others for an hour-long discussion on London guitar makers in the early nineteenth century.

Christopher Mallett – Justin Holland

The history of the guitar in the Americas is arguably a story still to be told. Europe is the birthplace of the guitar and where much of the classical guitar’s repertoire is drawn.

Cambridge Guitar Symposium

In 2019, I traveled to Churchill College in the University of Cambridge to interview three of the world’s leading guitar scholars, Christopher Page, James Westbrook, and Erik Stenstadvold in a three-hour-long symposium covering a wide variety of topics ranging from Francisco Corbetta at the Restoration Court, the ebb and flow of the guitar’s popularity over […]