The Austin-Marie Collection & Compendium Book Set

The Austin-Marie Collection book offers a unique journey through three centuries of guitar making from the dawn of the Baroque era in the early seventeenth century to the birth of the modern classical guitar in the latter part of the nineteenth century. With stunning photography by David Bishop and exquisite design by renowned artists Robert Rigel and Guy Diehl, the collection book is a visual masterpiece. The Accompanying luthier biographies written with the expert guidance of guitar historians Christopher Page and James Westbrook are both informative and fascinating, providing an invaluable resource for the serious student and enthusiast alike.

The accompanying compendium book includes interviews with contemporary luthiers who performed restoration work on instruments in the collection. Dr. James Westbrook examines x-rays taken of selected guitars and explains the varied construction practices used by luthiers in the past. Included is an appendix that provides the dimensions and materials used for each guitar in the collection.

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