c. 1820 J. M. Neüner III

Joseph Mathias Neüner III (1762–1830) of Mittenwald was part of the Neüner dynasty, which traced its roots back to the seventeenth-century luthier, Mathias Neüner I.

1820 Joseph Rieger

Joseph Rieger (1776–1830) was the son of the violin maker Anton Rieger of Mittenwald. During the nineteenth century, Mittenwald was Germany’s second largest violin making center after Markneukirchen. Originally a Bavarian outpost that was quite literally mitten im Wald, “in the middle of the woods,” the town was located along the trading routes from Augsburg […]

c. 1830 Pons

César Pons, working with two of his eight sons, Louis-David & Antoine, established one of the foremost musical instrument-making workshops in France during the first half of the nineteenth century. Together they produced many of the finest guitars and lyre-guitars for the nobility and leading virtuosos of the day. While chiefly Paris-based, they also worked […]

c. 1820 Nicolas Simoutre

Nicolas Simoutre (1788–1869) was born in Mirecourt in northeastern France. He studied in Paris under the famed violin maker Nicolas Lupot, known as the “French Stradivari.” He returned to his hometown of Mirecourt in 1817 to establish his own atelier. As his son, the successful violin maker Nicolas Eugene Simoutre would later write, his father […]