1822 Louis Panormo

Louis Panormo was England’s most influential guitar maker during the first half of the nineteenth century. Panormo’s first known guitar, the 1816 in the Austin-Marie Collection, stands alone as the only verifiable example of his work until 1822. From that year, only four guitars are known to have survived: two in private collections, one in […]

c. 1822 Thomas Preston

Thomas Preston was the son of the famous eighteenth-century London-based “guittar” maker John Preston (1727–1798).  The guittar (sometimes referred to as the “English” guittar) was a plucked string instrument, similar in shape to a sixteenth-century cittern. Strung with wire, its six courses were tuned to an open-C chord and used extensively for accompanying the voice. […]

1822 Joséf Pagés

Joséf Pagés (c. 1762–c. 1822) was the son of one of the most famous of all six-course guitar makers, Juan Pagés of Cádiz. Joséf had three younger brothers (Antonio, Francisco, and Joaquín) who after working as journeymen for Juan, also made guitars under their own labels. Yet none were so prolific as Joséf and his […]